Dr. Beth Dupree

Our Services


PhD, VN, BT, C.A.Ir,

Fee Schedule (Prices subject to change without notice):

Office Visits/ Phone Consultation
1st Visit up to 1 hour $150
Follow up Visits under 1/2 hour $50
House Calls Mileage May Apply

Other Services *add on only

Hair Analysis (covers food sensitivities, hormones, thyroid and toxicities) $100
*Kinesiology Tape $10 per Tape
*Aromatherapy for Pain $20
*Hot Magnassage $20
Saliva Hormone Panel $250 (pre-paid)
*Iridology Visual $35 Full Exam $75
*Ear Candling $30 Plus $4 per candle
Custom Homeopathic Consultation $100
*Nutritional Counseling $35
*Ionic Foot Detox $35

*Medical Magnets $10 each

Custom Rejuvenation (Raindrop) Therapy
$100 (Includes Office Fee)
$75 Children 5-15yrs

Pampered Mom To Be Package $120
Includes Iridology, Reflexology, Nutrition Counseling

Tour Packages:

Band $5000 for Entire Tour (up to 5 members $500 each additional Member)

Includes All phone consults, supplements and overnight wellness packs (additional shipping charges)

Individual Artist Tour $2000

Veterinary Visits
House Calls Mileage May Apply
1st Visit $100 Each Additional Pet $50
Follow up Visits $35 Each

Emergency/ After Hours $150

Custom Rejuvenation Technique For Pets
$75 55 lbs + $45 under 50 lbs


Rejuvenation Technique $2000  (10 people max)

3 hour class including certification

Reflexology with essential oils $500 (10 people max)

Gift Certificates Available!