"For the first 8 years of my life I had untreatable demodex mange. My wonderful Mommy spend thousands of dollars of different Vets and every treatment at thier disposal. By the time Dr. Beth came into my life my Mommy was told to put me down as I was suffering greatly. I had raw and oozing smelly crusty scabs over most of my body. My vision was failing and I could no longer walk or enjoy life. Dr. Beth begged my Mommy for 1 week to see improvement. Well week after week I continued to imporve until I was completely healed in 6 weeks. Im so happy. Now my Mommy adopted 2 new puppies to keep me young without fear of me infecting them. Thank you so much Dr. Beth!"

-Lola, Grove, Ok

"So cool update. I gained a couple pounds back... If you have known me for forever you understand that's a weird sentence for me to be happy about bc of body issues but considering everything I am not even bitching. I am so ok with being fat and healthy rather than emaciated and sick. I was so very sick and the fear of death was real; Modern medicine works in amazing ways. Truthfully I saw 0 improvement until I consulted a friend in natural health, Beth Dupree , about two weeks since then and I am on the mend for now! If you have anything from a head cold to just knowing your body well enough to know something is wrong to needing to adjust your hormones, or if you are at your wits end, eating more pills than food and just screaming to the universe for help, I truly suggest contacting her. I want to thank everyone who has so much as said "I hope you get to feeling better." You guys do not even know the point I have been at with my health physically recently and things were starting to get rough. You are all appreciated and loved"

-Rusty, Tulsa, OK

"Since working with Dr. Beth Dupree I have more energy, feel more like myself. I have also lost a significant amount of weight. The best part of the transformation has been the way I feel. It has been an incredible journey of healing and wellness for my mind, body, and spirit. Thank you so much for giving me my life back."

-Jodi Hobbs President/ Founder

Survivors of Institutional Abuse Organization


"Thank you Dr. Beth Dupree. No one was able to fix my legs which stopped working and the seizures. 1 drop of oil and 2 supplements and I was back to normal in 3 days"

-Ducky,  Midland, TX

 Dr. Beth Dupree

PhD, VN, BT, C.A.Ir,